Metal spinning

Also cost-effective for the manufacture of hollow parts

We spin discs from 20 mm to 1800 mm diameter on state-of-the-art playback machines (picture of DLR reflector with die and man + Kaldewei tray)

Metal spinning is a sheet metal forming process not involving any cutting and not requiringnot requiring the time-consuming and cost-intensive production of deep drawing dies and the corresponding technologies. For maximum cost efficiency.
Metal spinning is also the optimum process for the manufacture of rotationally symmetrical hollow parts.

The workpiece is also made stronger by the process of cold deformation with the aid of computer-controlled PNC machines. Various materials, such as ferrous metals, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass, can be processed to customer specifications on just one spinning mandrel thanks to the flexible roller guide.

Metal Spinning
  • metall umformen metallkegel formteile kegel metall metalldrückerei tiefziehteile metall
    Truncated cones made of stainless steel, polished on the outside, ground on the inside
  • blechumformung metalltrichter metallkegel metalldrückerei tiefziehteile metall
    Funnel made of copper
  • tiefziehen metall stanz und biegetechnik bleche umformen metalldrückerei blechumformung
    Bowl with lid made of stainless steel, ground on the inside and outside
  • tiefziehteile metallumformung tiefziehteile hersteller blechumformung
    Olympic torch made of stainless steel
  • tiefziehen blech tiefziehteile blechumformung formteile biegen material metallumformung
    Tapered truncated cone made of stainless steel incl. grinding
  • blech tiefziehen kleinserie formteile blechumformung umformen von metallen
    Soldered four-part brass vase
  • tiefziehteile metall metall umformen tiefziehen blech metalltrichter kegel metall
    Spun part made from a thick metal disc
  • metallumformung tiefziehteile hersteller blech tiefziehen kleinserie tiefziehteile metall metall umformen
    Two-piece hollow part made of aluminium (top + bottom)
  • blech tiefziehen blechumformung tiefziehteile hersteller stanz und biegetechnik umformen von metallen
    Polished spun part made of stainless steel
  • halbkugel metall tiefziehteile hersteller stanzen metall blechumformung biegen material
    Spun metal ashtray
  • stauchen umformen tiefziehteile metall metall umformen umformen von metallen
    Spun perforated metal funnel
  • bleche umformen metalltrichter metall umformen metalldrückerei
    Spun, drawn and pressed metal protective housing for electronic components
  • tiefziehteile aus edelstahl metallumformung tiefziehen tiefziehteile metall
    Drawn and pressed metal separator ring

Materials which we process

  • Sheet steel (galvanised and non-galvanised) up to to 8 mm sheet thickness
  • Stainless steel (including heat-resistant types) up to 6 mm sheet thickness
  • Aluminium up to 10 mm sheet thickness
  • Brass and copper up to 8 mm sheet thickness
  • Lead
  • Hastelloy
  • Inconel and many more

Robot-assisted processes for high-volume orders

In 2015 aha! invested in making metal spinning processes even more cost-effective, deploying a robot for the automatic loading of a metal spinning machine and thereby enabling the production of very large batches with high order quantities. Our customers can therefore enjoy a slice of our future-oriented technology.


Spinning machines of all sizes

Metal spinning in Korschenbroich – aha Albert Haag GmbH

aha! can also produce relatively small quantities to high quality standards with great economic efficiency, such as the feeding bowls shown in the picture which are used in agriculture, especially in poultry farming. The fact that we have spinning machines of different sizes gives us a strong competitive edge because we can offer the most cost-effective option for any production quantity.

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