aha! Albert Haag GmbH

Example products in our manufacturing repertoire

Here are some examples of products of which we are particularly proud or which were customised to meet specific requirements, e.g. the stainless steel Olympic torch, funnels, the spun and drawn paten made for World Youth Day, a sophisticated lampshade, tapered parts, or parts which are pressed together.

Metal Spinning
Die Cutting and Embossing
Deep Drawing
  • Hohlkörper
    Two-piece hollow part made of aluminium (top + bottom)
  • Drückteil
    Spun part made from a thick metal disc
  • Halbkugel Metall Tiefziehteile Hersteller
    Spun metal ashtray
  • dreieckiger Leuchtenschirm
    Drawn and pressed metal triangular lampshade
  • Olympia Fackel
    Olympic torch made of stainless steel
  • Bleche umformen Metalltrichter
    Spun, drawn and pressed metal protective housing for electronic components
  • Blech Tiefziehen Kleinserie Formteile
    Soldered four-part brass vase
  • Blech Tiefziehen Blechumformung
    Polished spun part made of stainless steel
  • Kupfertrichter
    Funnel made of copper
  • Schale dunkel
    Bowl with lid made of stainless steel, ground on the inside and outside
  • Blech Tiefziehen Tiefziehteile Hersteller
    Polished cover made from stainless steel
  • Stanzteile Metall Tiefziehteile Metalldrückerei
    Drawn metal tray