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3 generations

55 years of experience

100 % quality

We lick metal into shape – whether by deep drawing, pressing, die cutting or spinning.

Owner-managed metal spinning company Albert Haag GmbH calls itself aha! after the cry of joy or satisfaction known as the eureka effect. We come from a tradition and a position of professional expertise in all sheet metal forming trades and surface finishing to provide solution-oriented processes of matchless superiority. Our name is therefore synonymous with precision and high-quality products. It is not just the end result in which we excel, however, but the way in which we get there – with honest and expert communication. Every project is managed and completed efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably.

Metal spinning

Discs from 20 mm to 1800 mm.


Deep drawing

Sheet metal forming with a deep drawing force of up to 2500 KN.


Die cutting / embossing

Metals of all kinds at cutting pressures of up to 2500 KN.



Professional engineering with state-of-the-art equipment.


Grinding and polishing

With industrial robots or by hand.


Other machining facilities

From turning and milling to welding and bonding.



Professional partners for specialist services.


Metal Spinning
Die Cutting and Embossing
Deep Drawing
  • Kegelstumpf
    Tapered truncated cone made of stainless steel incl. grinding
  • Schale dunkel
    Bowl with lid made of stainless steel, ground on the inside and outside
  • Tiefziehteile Edelstahl Metall stanzen
    Perforated and ground hemisphere made of stainless steel
  • Olympia Fackel
    Olympic torch made of stainless steel
  • Ziehteil
    Two-piece drawn component made of galvanised sheet steel
  • biegen von Metall
    Drawn and pressed metal chocolate mould
  • Blech Tiefziehen Kleinserie Formteile
    Soldered four-part brass vase
  • Metall umformen Metallkegel Formteile Kegel
    Truncated cones made of stainless steel, polished on the outside, ground on the inside
  • Stanzteile Metall Tiefziehteile Metalldrückerei
    Drawn metal tray
  • Tiefziehteile aus Edelstahl Metallumformung
    Drawn and pressed metal separator ring
  • Bleche umformen Metalltrichter
    Spun, drawn and pressed metal protective housing for electronic components
  • Metalldrückerei Tiefziehen Blech umformen von Metallen
    Drück u. Stanzteil zweiteilig Lampenschirm