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Deep drawing

Ideal for mass production of hollow parts

Deep drawing in the metal spinning factory

We can draw and emboss metal products with deep drawing force of up to 2500 KN in our deep drawing factory.

Deep drawing is one of the main sheet metal forming processes and constitutes an interesting alternative to metal spinning with commercially viable batch sizes. Deep drawing is also feasible for the mass production of hollow parts in many sectors of industry.

Deep drawing is a forming process involving a combination of tensile and compressive forces in which a flat sheet metal blank is formed into a hollow part open on one side or in which a hollow part is formed into a hollow part with a smaller circumference.

We make products of all kinds in our deep drawing factory, such as pots and filter baskets. Parts measuring 1000 mm in length and 700 mm in width can be processed. The maximum depth extends to 350 mm. Table size: up to 1600 mm.

Special requirements for a special treat: the aha! deep drawing factory makes the moulds for a famous Swiss chocolatier to form the liquid chocolate into bars as it cools.

The moulding die must have a perfectly smooth and highly polished surface so that the finished chocolate bar is free of any irregularities and indents which could spoil its appetising appearance.

The die has a capacity of 10,000 moulds and was made in our own toolmaking section.

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A lid with eight sides: we mass-produce this octagonal lid for octagonal refuse containers in our deep drawing factory. The product is trimmed and straightened after the deep drawing process. Naturally, the die for the serial production process is also made in our own workshop.

From blank to octagonal lid

Show time: film demonstrating the work in our deep drawing factory

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