Aha Haag Betriebsaufnahme

Die cutting and embossing

Metals of all kinds up to 2500 KN punching force

Metal parts of all kinds can be precision-cut and embossed at forces of up to 2500 KN at aha! on state-of-the-art eccentric presses.

In addition to the deep drawing option, large quantities of articles can also be cut from coils at competitive prices.

Precise holes can also be punched in spun or drawn metal parts.

State-of-the-art milling technology for complex cutting dies. This slide mould, which was designed on our CAD stations and made in our milling centre, can make 6 slots and 4 boreholes in one pot at the same time. The customer specified an output quantity of 50,000 units for the mould.

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Aha Haag Werksaufnahme 07

322 holes in a circle: aha! makes this workpiece in a production run of 100,000 for one of its customers in the furniture industry. The tool is another example of how we save our customers time and money through intelligent toolmaking.

1 punch – 322 holes

Show time: film demonstrating the work in our die cutting factory